where there is cheese there are rats

wherever there are rats there are cats

wherever there are cats there are dogs

if you got the dogs you got bitches

bitches always out to put their paws on your riches

if you got riches you got glitches

if you got glitches in your life computer turn it off and then reboota

now you back on

New Year

2012 was a year that taught me a lot , I grew as a person I loved I learnt and I lost but this year I want to make things change I want to continue in growth but an important thing for me os to make sure I flourish , I achieve and I make my dreams into reality I can’t wait to see what this year brings :) 

One thing I really donnot appriciate is someone who is constantly lying I dont care how big or how small the lie it is still lying..most of the time those small lies start ff small then escalade into bigger lies and then before you know it you are lying to cover those lies. DONT LIE PERIOD

A near loss

The strange sad feeling that you get when you feel you are about to loos someone or something in your life that you value so much its almost as if you feel like you are loosing your world. I nearly lost someone you who means the world to me I never want to feel like that again and if I have to fight I shall..